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Conventional Real Estate and Auction Marketing

Conventional Real Estate Marketing

In the conventional real estate market, your property is typically competing among hundreds or thousands of others, as it sits on the local MLS (Realtor's Multiple Listing Service®). This is the primary method that most Realtors® use to advertise your property and in reality, they are primarily marketing to other Realtors® with the hopes that one of them may have a buyer walk in, that might be interested in YOUR property. Statistics indicate that there is a very small chance that your listing agent will actually bring in the buyer for your property. Even if your agent holds an Open House, most that attend, are only other real estate agents.

Missed Opportunity?

When your property is first listed, it generates a lot of lookers, but rarely results in an immediate sale. This is typical, as the traditional real estate agent normally lists your property for Top Dollar, which is usually above its actual value, in the hopes that someone will make an offer near its real value. The few that may have actually considered your property, go home to think it over and look at some others. After the first 30 days or so, the number of potential leads for your property diminishes drastically.

Let the Negotations Begin!

Your home or business can sit on the market for months or even years, growing "stale" as your real estate agent continues to lower the price, in the hopes of attracting a buyer. However, once you receive a contract, this is really just a starting offer and the real negotiations have just begun! Over the next several weeks, you wait for inspectors and appraisers to find faults, which the buyer uses to renegotiate the price... lower. Remember, this is usually AFTER the original Asking Price has already been lowered.

Waiting... to Start Over?

The next pitfall you may encounter, is the buyer obtaining a loan. While the buyer puts down "earnest money" to indicate their interest in purchasing your property, if they are unable to secure a loan, the conventional real estate contract requires you to return the earnest money. In the mean time, your property has been taken off the market for 30-60 days and you still don't have your property sold and there's no compensation for your trouble. Now, you get to start looking for another potential buyer... more showings, more waiting, more inspections, etc.

Auction Method of Marketing

An auction is an Accelerated Marketing Method, which features YOUR property. Real Estate Auctions are a proven technique for selling property in a compressed time frame, as opposed to the long term diluted advertising of conventional real estate methods. An aggressive accelerated marketing campaign assures interest and visibility for your property, as your marketing will be more intense and set you apart from other real estate for sale.

You Set the Terms

With real estate auctions, YOU choose the exact day it sells, rather than waiting for it to sell. Buyers come to prepared to buy. Buyers do not tell you what they want done before they will buy your home. You set the terms and conditions and sell with No Contingencies ("As-Is", with any/all faults). Competitive bidding compels buyers to offer their top price for the property and the high-bidder makes a Non-Refundable Deposit, the day of the sale. This assures you that the Buyer is serious about purchasing your property and is insuring a cash sale. Typically, the Buyer has already made any loan arrangements prior to the auction, if needed.

You sell your property quickly and avoid long term holding costs, such as maintenance, insurance, interest and taxes.

Auctions are the quickest way to sell your property and get top dollar. We can help you sell your property FAST with the Auction Method of Marketing. Contact Us Today for information about the auction of your home or business.

For more information, see Selling Real Estate at Auction

We can help you sell your property FAST with the Auction Method of Marketing.
Contact Us Today for information about the auction of your home or business.

Once the auction is complete, you will need an Attorney or Licensed Real Estate Broker to assist you with the completion of the transaction, as required by Texas State Law.

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